Feel The Future: The Hoodie 2.0
The evolution of comfort has arrived. Introducing the Hoodie 2.0, a groundbreaking upgrade to our best-selling merino wool hoodie. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to sustainability, the Hoodie 2.0 redefines what everyday comfort feels – and looks – like.
Meticulous Engineering
The Hoodie 2.0 features a more compact knit, a meticulous innovation that elevates the classic silhouette. This refined construction delivers superior warmth without sacrificing breathability, perfect for year-round wear. Additionally, the improved knit reduces pilling, ensuring a flawless appearance for longer.
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Unmatched Comfort
The Hoodie 2.0 introduces a completely redesigned hood, crafted to offer exceptional coverage and contour perfectly to the shape of your head. This innovative, reshaped hood incorporates a tubular detail, eliminating discomfort, ensuring a truly customized fit, and preventing curling even after repeated wear.
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The Signature Crossover
The Hoodie 2.0 boasts a new signature element - the elegant crossover front neck detail. This design feature elevates the aesthetic of the hoodie, adding a touch of sophistication while maintaining the garment’s functionality.
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Enduring Quality
The Hoodie 2.0 prioritizes lasting wearability. The improved hem and cuff construction ensure exceptional recovery, preventing bagging and maintaining the garment’s clean silhouette over time.
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Sustainability Woven Into Every Stitch
At Sheep Inc., sustainability isn’t an afterthought; it’s woven into the very fabric of who we are. The Hoodie 2.0 is crafted with ethically sourced, carbon-negative merino wool, ensuring you look good while feeling good about the impact you’re making. This is conscious luxury redefined.
What Others Say About Us
“Redefining what sustainability means.”
“The best knitwear label for quality jumpers that last.”
“The world's first carbon-negative fashion brand, and gorgeous too. Follow the herd.”
“Far from greenwashing, Sheep Inc puts its money where its mouth is”
“Not only have I found the perfect knit, but it's friendly to the planet too.”
“The Perfect Knit. Cosy and conscientious.”
“Proof that it is possible to make beautiful clothes with a positive environmental impact.”
“Rather than requiring offsetting, is able to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than is created through the manufacturing process.”
“The process of making is actually beneficial, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates.”
“It looks like a new standard in sustainability has just been set.”
“Colours that go with almost anything.”
“Demonstrates the power of good that can be found in the fashion industry.”
“The very latest in eco-fashion. The ultimate proof of welfare in the supply-chain.”
The Hoodie 2.0
Reimagined from the fibre up, the Hoodie 2.0 sets new standards in comfort and wear. Each stitch has been meticulously reengineered to enhance the ultra-soft feel and ensure enduring wearability.
The Zip Hoodie 2.0
The Zip Hoodie 2.0 has had each stitch, meticulously crafted and tension-tuned to perfection, enhancing the ultra-soft touch and ensuring lasting quality in a versatile wear.
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