The Spring Collection
This spring, allow the rejuvenating palette of nature to infuse your wardrobe. As the world awakens, our newest edit captures the essence of renewal, blending the artistry of knitwear with the season's most vibrant colours.
The Hoodie 2.0 Collection
The evolution of comfort has arrived. Introducing the Hoodie 2.0, a groundbreaking upgrade to our best-selling merino wool hoodie. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to sustainability.
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The Crewneck Collection
Elevated classics. Heritage in its roots, pioneering in its execution. Crafted for durability and designed for the softest wear. A symbiosis of a sheep's tenacity and a wolf’s cunning.
The Ultra-Light T-Shirt
The Ultra-Light T-Shirt
Woven from ultra-fine, regenerative New Zealand Merino wool, this tee is a marvel of natural technology. Expertly balancing your body temperature whether the world around you is brisk or balmy.

Feel the Future → Wool Reimagined.

We meticulously source the world's finest Merino wool, from the world’s most sustainable farms. Each fibre is treated with unmatched precision and care, from source to final handmade stitch. With every step in the journey tracked with unparalleled transparency through our Connected Dot technology.

Supremely soft, naturally carbon negative, and crafted to last lifetimes. We’re weaving a new reality in comfort and spinning a transformative legacy in impact.

What Others Say About Us
“Redefining what sustainability means.”
“The best knitwear label for quality jumpers that last.”
“The world's first carbon-negative fashion brand, and gorgeous too. Follow the herd.”
“Far from greenwashing, Sheep Inc puts its money where its mouth is”
“Not only have I found the perfect knit, but it's friendly to the planet too.”
“The Perfect Knit. Cosy and conscientious.”
“Proof that it is possible to make beautiful clothes with a positive environmental impact.”
“Rather than requiring offsetting, is able to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than is created through the manufacturing process.”
“The process of making is actually beneficial, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates.”
“It looks like a new standard in sustainability has just been set.”
“Colours that go with almost anything.”
“Demonstrates the power of good that can be found in the fashion industry.”
“The very latest in eco-fashion. The ultimate proof of welfare in the supply-chain.”
Discover The Wave Collection
Discover The Wave Collection
Step into the light with "The Wave Collection," where each hue tells a story of solar alchemy. Our Spring collection takes the sun's playful brush as our palette, with designs dipped in the prism of fractured waves of light.
Beyond Green → Rewriting the Fabric of Fashion
1. Wool Like No Other:
The hero of our story: 19.5 micron Merino wool, softer than a cashmere cloud and naturally breathable, odor-resistant, and temperature-regulating. It’s not your grandma’s scratchy sweater; it’s a whisper-light embrace that adapts to your every move.
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2. Luxury That Lasts
Sustainable doesn’t have to mean flimsy. Our knitwear is meticulously crafted in the EU, combining modern methods with heritage values. We’re not just talking about feel-good fashion; we’re talking about investment pieces that become cherished companions, season after season.
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3. Trace Your Threads
Forget the murky mysteries of conventional fashion. With Sheep Inc., transparency is woven into every stitch. Our NFC tags let you tap your phone and meet the sheep behind your sweater. See their farm, learn their story, and witness the ethical sourcing first hand. It’s not just about clothes; it’s about building trust, one fibre at a time.
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The Knit Clinic
Show your knits some love. From basic care tips to solutions for common repairs, we'll show you how to keep your Sheep Inc. pieces feeling luxuriously soft for years to come.
The Connected Dot
Ever wondered where your clothes come from? We believe in transparency, that's why we use cutting-edge tech to trace every step of your garment's journey – from sheep to online store.
Animal Welfare
Happy sheep make the best wool. We're committed to the highest ethical standards in animal care. Discover how we prioritize the well-being of our fluffy flock
-0.0 Kg
Transparency meets impact. Our live Carbon Counter reveals the real combined CO2e reduction power of your Sheep Inc. purchase. Shop consciously and see the difference you make.
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