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How to convey with the vulgarity of pixels the poetry of softness?

It’s hard. Real hard. But that’s the brief. So here we go. 

Our knitwear is as soft as:
This magical
A fluffy
But barefoot.
This fluffy
A rich, creamy
A delicate
dandelion blow.
A weightless sea
No caption
Did it work?

We doubt it. 

Supreme softness is indescribable.

It’s one of those things,

you have to try for yourself.

If you find anything as soft as our knits please email proof at
The Cardigan
The Cardigan
The Trouser
The Trouser
The Wrap
The Wrap
The Hoodie
The Hoodie
The Knitwear Journey.*
We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
*Worried about the amount of counties? Don’t Panic. Transport and travel is less than 1% of our overall carbon footprint.