Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. 

These terms and conditions govern the Refer a Friend Promotion and should be read in conjunction with our website terms and conditions, privacy policy and terms of sale which are incorporated herein via reference.

Sheep Included Ltd (“Sheep Inc”). invests 5% of its revenue into biodiversity projects that improve the wellbeing of our planet. 

The refer-a-friend promotion (“Promotion”) is a referral program whereby Sheep Inc will, following the successful purchase by you of a Sheep Inc sweater (“Qualifying Item”), provide you with a unique code to be shared with any friends/family members of your choice (“Referred Parties”). If any Referred Party then decides to purchase a Qualifying Item using the code (“Referred Item”), Sheep Inc will grant a reward to both you and the Referred Party. The nature of the rewards to you and the Referred Party will be communicated to you upon checkout and shall be decided by Sheep Inc in its sole discretion (“Reward”).

This offer is only available to customers purchasing Qualified Items/Referred Items from Sheep Inc’s website. Qualifying Items/Referred Items are identified on the website by product numbers starting with 001, 002, 003, 004 or 005.


How it works?

Upon completion of a Qualified Item purchase on our website you will be given a unique checkout code (“Code”).

Subject to the general terms and conditions set out below, you will be able to share this Code with friends and family members on any direct channels (online or offline).

In order to receive their Reward, when someone you refer buys a Referred Item, at checkout they will need to add the Code you provided in the “gift card or discount code” tab.

Once your unique Code has been used by a Referred Party for the first time, we may send you an email with a separate unique code along with directions that you will need in order to redeem your Reward. 


General Terms and Conditions

Purchases that do not use the Code on check-out prior to purchasing a Qualifying Item will not qualify for the Promotion.

Only one Code will be provided for each purchase by you of a Qualifying Item. For the avoidance of doubt, if you have three Qualifying Items in your online cart and proceed to purchase all Qualifying Items at once, you will be provided with one Code to be shared with a Referred Party.

Codes will be generated by Sheep Inc and presented to you once your purchase of a Qualifying Item is complete. The Code will be presented to you on your web browser. It is your responsibility to save and/or record the Code presented. Sheep Inc will not be responsible for any Codes presented that have not been adequately saved or recorded by you. 

Codes can be shared by any means provided that this does not involve paid advertising or the unauthorised use of Sheep Inc’s brand or intellectual property or publication on social media or any other publicly accessible platform. Any breach of this term or any other term set out herein will result in, inter alia, the deactivation of the Code.

If the Code is not utilised within 12 months of generation, it shall expire.

For the purposes of this offer, the Rewards forming part of the Promotion cannot be exchanged, replaced or refunded for cash. 

You and/or the Referred Party will still be required to pay for shipping/delivery of the Qualifying Items, Referred Items and the Rewards if the total value of the relevant online cart is below £100. VAT will be chargeable on gifts forming part of this Promotion.

The referrer (you) and the Referred Party cannot be the same person. Where we identify they are the same person, for example by email address, phone number, or name, the Code will be void.

This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/promotion provided by Sheep Inc from time to time.



These terms, along with any additional terms/directions presented to you via email or on check-out when purchasing Qualified Items, for the basis of the entre agreement between you and Sheep Inc with respect to a related Promotion. By taking part in the Promotion, you agree to the terms as stated herein/referenced. 

Sheep Inc reserves the right to withdraw the Promotion at any time. Sheep Inc also reserves the right to change or amend the Promotion and/or its structure at any time. Any decision made by Sheep Inc with regards to this offer is final.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law.