Why we include a sheep?

Why we include a sheep?

Because it all begins with a sheep.

Let’s face it. It’s all got a bit out of hand. We’ve lost touch. With where things come from. With the journey things have been on before we buy them. With the impact that journey has on the planet.

That’s why when you buy your Sheep Inc. sweater, we allocate you a real-life sheep from the same farm your sweater’s wool comes from.

New Zealand based. One of many. One of a kind. Four legs. Two ears. And a fleece as soft as a bag of marshmallows.

Each sheep has an RFID tag in its ear. Allowing you to follow its daily goings on. Tap the tag on your sweater and you get to see what it’s been up to. Where it’s spending its time. When it has a haircut, when it gives birth.


Small things. To remind you that everything you wear starts out somewhere.

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