Why Sheep Inc.?

Why Sheep Inc.?

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on earth. We’re here to change that. We’re on a journey to challenge what’s standard.

The industry standard.

Every year the fashion industry pumps more than a billion tons of CO2 out into the world. And mostly has zero clue about where its raw materials come from. It's pulling the wool. And leaving you in the dark. It's a wolf in sheep's clothes, eating up the planet.

None of this makes any sense at all.

We need to reduce global carbon emissions to zero by 2050. And then keep them there. We need to rebalance our ecosystem. Create more wilderness. Plant more trees. It's time for business as unusual. It’s time to tame the wolf. It’s time to start fixing things.

Designed to challenge standard.

The knitwear we make feels good. It does good, too. It lasts. It puts you back in touch. It fixes things. It’s designed to make a difference.

First things first…

It starts with creating the right product in the right way. We make sweater that last for life. Sweaters that don't have an impact on the environment. In their creation. In their use. In their afterlife. That are not only sustainably made. But ethically too. Beyond reproach.

Bringing us back in touch.

Second, it’s about creating knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of our clothes’ journey. Of the impact behind the things we wear. Our NFC tag gives you access to the unique provenance of each sweater. Tap it with your phone to see the whole story. From the sheep station that provided the wool, to the person who hand-finished the sweater. Making the tag a symbol to push an opaque industry to open up and change its ways.

Sheep included?

By including a sheep with every sweater, we make you part of the story. By keeping you up to date with your sheep’s farm life, we want to remind you that every piece of clothing starts out life somewhere. In the case of our knitwear, it all begins with a sheep.

Carbon negativity for future positivity.

Sheep Inc. aims to set a new standard of sustainability. That’s why we are ten-times carbon-negative. How? To start with, we work with suppliers who care as much about sustainability as we do. Whether those are sheep stations who use regenerative farming methods, or our Italian yarn mill, which runs on renewable energy.

Any remaining carbon impact, we mitigate ten times over, by investing funds from every sale into environmental projects. Projects vetted by a team of climate-change experts. This makes us the first carbon-negative fashion brand on earth. But we don’t want to be the last.

The Sheep Inc. standard.

Designed for life. Designed to put you back in touch. Designed to put things right. So please. Join us. Make the Sheep Inc. standard the new standard to be challenged.

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