Sheep Inc. x LUAS

For our newest collaboration we wanted to partner with a Softcore Radical thinker who had a unique vision and brought a deeply personal style to his designs. Saul is a true multi hyphenate; a menswear designer, dancer and movement director who fuses his varying skills together in his distinctive approach to design. Based out of North East London, Saul aims to bridge the gap between Luxury Menswear and Sportswear; to create unique technical garments, designed and cut for the liberation of movement.

Saul’s approach to design is a deeply personal practice. He merges the worlds of movement and fashion, and presents them to the world by telling stories of the cultural and societal landscape that influenced him, while challenging the concept of masculinity.

We worked closely with Saul to ensure that we could realise his designs as precisely as he had imagined. In maintaining his unique aesthetics, the Sheep Inc. x LUAS limited-edition collection is the perfect marriage of technical performance and luxury wear. The capsule was developed in close partnership with the innovative Italian knitting house LFG to craft a seamless design construct that allows for total freedom of physical expression, with each piece featuring Saul’s signature continuous lines and mesh holes.

The Ventilation Racer Shirt Image
The Ventilation Racer Shirt
The Ventilation
Racer Shirt
The Ventilation <br>Reveal Polo Image
The Ventilation
Reveal Polo
The Ventilation Reveal Polo
The Air Jumper: Moon Grey Image
The Air Jumper: Moon Grey
The Air Jumper
Moon Grey
The Air Jumper: Electric Blue Image
The Air Jumper: Electric Blue
The Air Jumper
Electric Blue
RAINBOW MIGRATION. 100% of profits from each design sold will be donated to a charity that also has an incredibly strong Softcore Radical ethos at its core. Rainbow Migration provides practical and emotional support for LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum in the UK.

“I chose Rainbow Migration because nobody should have to uproot themselves from their home. So I am hoping that this donation will act as a contribution towards making them feel at home and safe wherever they have relocated to.”
Saul Nash.

Rainbow Migration carries out campaigning, policy work, and strategic litigation, to improve the immigration and asylum system for LGBTQI+ people who come to the UK seeking safety. Most people who seek support from the charity come from the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia. Rainbow Migration provides free and confidential emotional support to people through the asylum system and direct them to lawyers who help them apply for refugee status. In the last few weeks, three of their service users have been given the right to remain; a gay man from Pakistan, a gay man from Morocco, and a bisexual man from Ghana. 

In June 2022 Rainbow Immigration launched “No Pride in Detention” — a campaign to stop LGBTQI+ people being held in immigration detention. LGBTQI+ people are particularly unsafe and isolated in these centres, and are at risk of facing violence, bullying, and abuse. 

“Immigration detention is unsafe, ineffective, and a very expensive system. It has serious impacts on the physical and mental health. Many people are detained for an unknown period, some for years. Therefore, we are also calling for a time limit of 28 days for everyone in detention. The government has advised that is long enough to decide whether a person can stay in the country of if they should be removed.” told us Carla, Communications Manager at Rainbow Migration. “Our motivation is to ensure that all LGBTQI+ people who have fled persecution in their home country, are treated with respect and dignity, and that they feel safe and a sense of belonging here in the UK.”

 If you want to support Rainbow Migration and their work, you can donate directly to the charity as well as following and sharing their content on social media (@rainbowmigration)
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