Meet our Sheep Stations.

Meet our Sheep Stations.
New Zealand farms at the forefront of the Regenerative Farming movement.

Our New Zealand sheep stations at the forefront of the Regenerative Farming movement — using innovative land management, feeding and grazing techniques to capture more CO2e from the atmosphere than their operations emit. Making their properties, as well as the wool they produce, carbon-negative.

Scroll down to meet Lake Hawea, Omarama and Middlehurst Station.

Lake Hawea Station

Owned by: The Ross Family
Location: 44.6185°S 169.2716°E

Lake Hawea Station

Lake Hawea Station is one of New Zealand’s premier High Country Stations, situated in the spectacular Queenstown Lakes District.

Geoff and Justine Ross were able to achieve a carbon negative emission profile for their property by embedding a whole new level of science to their daily operations. They have remapped all their vegetation, existing and newly planted and are developing technology which will measure the volume of carbon sequestered from their regenerative soil, pastures and tussock land. Regardless of their already incredible achievement they are constantly working to set the bar higher for themselves and the industry as a whole.

Omarama Station

Owned by: The Subtil Family
Location: -44.4917°S, 169.9567°E

Omarama Station

Omarama is the Maori term for ‘Place of Light’. A 12,000 hectare High Country property in the Mackenzie Country. The Station has been in the family for three generations and is now ran by Richard and Annabelle Subtil.

Beyond adopting Regenerative Farming practices, Omarama Station monitors and measure all the water that comes onto the property and then monitors again as it leaves the property. What their research has found is that water quality actually improves as it goes through their land. They run an eel recovery program as their migration has been interrupted with the building of a hydro dam in the area. Omarama Station captures the barren females  and transport them down to the coast, so they can go off and breed. 

Middlehurst Station

Owned by: The Macdonald Family
Location: -41.98918°S, 173.4475°E

Middlehurst Station

Middlehurst Station is one of New Zealand’s original high country runs. It covers 16,550 hectares in the Upper Awatere Valley, Marlborough at the top of the South Island.

Willie and Susan Macdonald’s aim is to establish a sustainable, productive family farming business. They want to make sure high country traditions are maintained and passed on. 

Our (Animal)

Sheep are our partners in bringing our knits to life. So making sure they lead a happy existence is the least we can do.

3% Impact

This is our self-imposed tax. A data-led investment into our New Zeland Sheep Stations.