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Choose a FREE knit from our Archive Collection, when you spend £100 .

This Black Friday Week, we’re doing things a bit differently. From Friday 17th November to Monday 27th November, you’ll receive a FREE item from our Archive Collection with any purchase over £100 . It’s our way of ensuring every Sheep Inc. knit finds a loving home.

To get your free Archive Collection knit:

1. Choose Your Knit(s): Select any full-price items to reach a basket size of £100 +.
2. Choose Your Gift: Add your chosen gift item from our carefully curated Archive Collection to your basket. It’s the perfect opportunity to add a meaningful piece to your wardrobe or find a thoughtful gift.
3. Discount Automatically Applied: Once you’ve selected your items, the discount for your Archive Sale item will automatically apply at checkout.
4. Limited Stock: We pride ourselves on keeping surplus stock below 2%, meaning our Archive Collection items are limited and will not be restocked.

Why this offer?

Did you know that a staggering 30% of garments produced each year become surplus, contributing to the growing problem of textile waste? Our approach to fashion is designed to minimise waste:

Timeless Fashion: Our styles are designed to be perennial, steering clear of the ‘in today, out tomorrow’ fashion cycle.
Smart Manufacturing: We leverage technology for just-in-time production, ensuring we make only what is needed, when it’s needed.
Biodegradable Materials: Our knits are 100% biodegradable, returning to the earth at the end of their life cycle without contributing to the huge waste issue.

While we keep our surplus stock around 2% - significantly lower than the industry average of 30% - this isn’t perfect. This Black Friday, we’re aiming for every item in our collection to be used and cherished, not wasted.


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