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Super soft Merino wool sweaters. Designed for life. Sheep included.

Knitwear for a new fashion future

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Inspired by nature. Designed for life.

Not all wool is created equal.

Our sweaters are made from wool so soft, strangers will want to stroke you. 100% New Zealand wool. From the happiest Merino sheep about. Spun into cashwool yarn in a mill in the foothills of Northern Italy that runs on 100% renewable energy. Cashwool means softer than cashmere with all the temperature regulating benefits of wool, nature’s techincal fabric. It’s a new level of soft.

Sweater? Sheep? Sorry?

Sheep included.

Find out more about ovine adoption.

Yes. It's a real-life sheep.

Let’s face it. It’s all got a bit out of hand. We’ve lost touch. With where things come from. With the journey things have taken before we buy them. With the impact they have on the planet. That’s why when you buy your sweater we allocate you a real-life sheep from the same farm your sweater’s wool comes from. Each sheep has an RFID tag in its ear. This allows you to follow its day-to-day life down on the farm. We’ll send you updates on how it’s getting along. From its current location, to lambing and shearing. It’s our way of bringing you back in touch.

The world-saving bit

Carbon-negative. Future postive.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting out there. A wolf that's eating up the planet. The rules have to change. To be future-positive. We need to be carbon-negative.

We invest 5% of our revenue into biodiversity projects that mitigate the carbon-dioxide impact of your sweater and sheep ten times over. It won't fix climate change. But it will help.

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Total transparency.

Transparency at the tap of a tag.

From sheep to sweater...

Each sweater has a tag on the hem laser-engraved with a unique serial number. Inside is NFC technology. A tap of the phone gives you access to the full creation journey of the sweater. That means full transparency. From which farms the wool came from, to the name of the person who hand-finished your sweater. It’s all there. Just a tap away.

super sweater — 10x carbon-negative — sheep included —

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