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No need to worry. Back at the farm we’re already working on a new fresh stock, keeping our sweaters the first carbon negative knitwear on earth.

If you don’t mind waiting 2 weeks you can now pre-order your crewneck - Size 1, and we will keep you posted as we progress with your order.
We have been totally overwhelmed with demand for this knit, and our Portuguese knitters are currently hard at work producing a new run that will arrive in our carbon-neutral warehouse in the UK in the next 3 weeks.

If you don’t mind waiting 3 weeks, you can pre-order your 005 The Hoodie - Size 1 - Small now and you will be first in line to have it sent to you as soon as it arrives in our warehouse.
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An embrace of pure Merino wool. Supremely soft, zero-itch wool sourced exclusively from regenerative New Zealand farms. Made using solar-powered, zero-waste Wholegarment® machines. Includes a removable NFC tag to trace the garment’s origins to the farm it came from. Plus, it updates you on your very own sheep.

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Merino Wool
100% Regenerative Merino Wool.
All of our clothes are made from 100% Merino wool sourced from New Zealand farms at the forefront of the regenerative farming movement. Regenerative farming is a way of managing the land that results in more CO2e getting taken out of the atmosphere than is emitted through the sheep’s methane output and the daily farm operations.
100% Trackable Provenance.
Simply tap the castor bean derived Ecopaxx® tag in the hem with your phone to unlock its digital DNA. This will give you access to the whole story. From the farm that provided the wool. To the person who hand-finished your sweater.
100% Solar
100% Solar Powered Knitting
All our manufacturing is 100% powered by the sun for a carbon neutral, zero emissions manufacturing process.
100% Biodegradable
As wool is a natural and renewable resource, all of our clothing is completely biodegradable.
Open Flat - 195cm x 25cm / 76in x 9in

Open Flat - 195cm x 25cm / 76in x 9in

100% ultra-fine 19.5µ, mulesing free, Merino wool sourced from regenerative sheep stations in New Zealand.

Eternity X-Care® yarn spun using 100% renewable energy at Südwolle Yarn Mills in the EU.

3GG, 14-ply single jersey knit, seamless knit structure. Knitted using Wholegarment® technology using 100% solar power in Portugal.

Individually hand-finished “smit mark” detail added to back collar using offshoot yarn for fully circular design thinking.

Digital provenance NFC tag made from carbon neutrally produced, castor bean derived Ecopaxx®.
Size & Fit
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These are measurements taken when garment is flat, and before it is worn. Please note that measurements may vary depending on method used. And there may also be small discrepancies between individual garments due to knitting method.
Free Sheep Included:
Each garment comes with its own adoptive sheep. Through on farm sheep tracking technology, you will be kept up to date on its general life events. From its whereabouts, to when it’s been shorn, to when it’s had lambs.

When you first receive the sweater, simply tap the NFC tag in the hem with your phone. And you will be allocated a sheep from the same farm your knitwear’s wool is from.

Why we include a sheep? To bring you back in touch with the story and impact behind the clothes we wear. To remind you that every piece of clothing started somewhere. In our case, the journey started on four legs in New Zealand’s High Country.
Trackable Provenance:
Each garment is 100% traceable through Sheep Inc.’s proprietary supply chain tracking technology. You can get a full breakdown of its journey and impact (as well as information on your sheep) through the NFC tag.

Simply tap the castor bean derived Ecopaxx® tag in the hem with your phone to unlock its digital DNA. This will give you access to the whole story. From the farm that provided the wool. To the person who hand-finished your sweater.

You will also get a full breakdown of the CO2 impact at every stage of manufacturing.

Because accountability is where change starts.
Forever Guarantee:
Our knitwear is designed and crafted to last – with a little bit of care, it should remain a permanent part of your wardrobe for many generations to come.

To give you extra comfort, all our knitwear is covered under a Forever Guarantee. Should your knitwear ever need mending or maintenance you can send it back to us and we will restore it to the best of our abilities. For life.
Care Instructions:
Merino wool can look after itself. It’s spent a good few evolutionary cycles learning how. This means your scarf will resist stains, wrinkles and odours.

This means it doesn’t need to be washed often. From time to time it may need to take a breather for an hour or so. Hang it up outside. Or lay it down flat on your bed. When the time comes to wash it, a cold hand wash will do.

It also comes in a brushed cotton* storage bag. To store it and protect it when it’s not in use. Because good is in the detail.

*Made from 100% recycled cotton.
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Carbon Negative.
Independently Verified.
This garment has a natural CO2e cradle to grave* impact as verified by Carbon Footprint Ltd.

This is achieved through working exclusively with regenerative farms to provide the wool and by manufacturing in facilities running on 100% solar power.

All research is submitted to independent experts to be fully audited and reviewed.

*This includes all manufacturing, packaging, transport, use and end of life impact.

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All packaging made using 100% recycled materials.
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The Scarf comes in one size. To see the scarf dimensions, please see the table below:
Unisex Sizing
Open Flat 195cm x 25cm / 76in x 9in
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Designed to be a relaxed fit. So you always feel
comfortable. Whilst always looking good.
Unisex Sizing
Open Flat 195cm x 25cm / 76in x 9in
Find Your Best Fit.
Designed to be a relaxed fit. So you always feel comfortable. Whilst always looking good.
Find Your Best Fit.
Designed to be a relaxed fit. So you always feel comfortable. Whilst always looking good. To find our recommended size for you, follow the steps below or click our standard size guide to view measurements.
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The Endless Tide Collection.
Four limited edition hoodie colours inspired by the beach.
We invest 5% of revenue into our Impact Program fund, supporting projects that improve our collective futures. For our Endless Tide Collection we decided to direct these funds to EarthEcho International. An NGO that strives to build a global youth movement to protect and restore our ocean planet for a more sustainable future.

Learn More
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Wholegarment® Solar - Powered Technology.
All our knitwear is created using 3D Wholegarment® knitting technology. To ensure a seamless design with zero waste manufacturing.

Japanese Shima Seiki machines are powered by 100% solar power to make sure our knits are created with zero carbon footprint.
Exclusively sourced ultra-fine Regenerative Merino Wool
Ultra-fine Merino wool sheep fleeces are hand-picked from New Zealand Sheep Stations at the forefront of the regenerative farming movement. Each Station is analysed and audited according to 15 different data points, from land management to animal welfare, to bring it in line with the ZQrx protocol.

This ensures an unprecedented blend of quality and positive impact from our raw materials.
3% Impact Fund
3% of our revenue is dedicated to biodiversity projects within our supply chain. These projects are selected using data analysis to identify areas where positive impact is most needed.

There are currently 3 live projects on our Sheep Stations, Omarama, Lake Hawea Station and Middlehurst. With each focussed on increasing biodiversity and decreasing CO2 impact.
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‘The Perfect Sweater. Cosy and conscientious.”

‘There can be a future where we design in harmony with nature.”

‘The process of making is actually beneficial, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates.”

‘It looks like a new standard in sustainability has just been set.”

‘Colours that go with almost anything”

‘Bolstering our connection to clothing.”

‘The best quality wool out there.”

‘Redefining what sustainability means.”

‘The world's first carbon-negative fashion brand, and gorgeous too. Follow the herd.”

‘Far from greenwashing, Sheep Inc puts its money where its mouth is”

‘The world's finest quality Merino wool.”

‘Designed to last a lifetime.”

‘The very latest in eco-fashion. The ultimate proof of welfare in the supply-chain.”

‘The future of fashion.”

The Knitwear Journey.*
We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
*Worried about the amount of counties? Don’t Panic. Transport and travel is less than 1% of our overall carbon footprint.