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Super soft Merino wool sweaters. Designed for life. Sheep included.

Knitwear for a new fashion future

One unisex style. One perfect design.

Soft as cashmere. All the benefits of wool. Click for more.

Not all wool is created equal.

Our sweaters are made from wool so soft, strangers will want to stroke you. 100% New Zealand wool. From the happiest Merino sheep about. Spun into Cashwool yarn in a mill in the foothills of Northern Italy that runs on 100% renewable energy. Cashwool means softer than cashmere. With the temperature regulating benefits of wool. Nature’s technical fabric. It’s a new level of soft. 

ultra-fluffy — super-soft

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sheep included -

100% transparent — 100% traceable —

Why carbon-negative?

Carbon-Negative. Future Positive.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting out there. A wolf that's eating up the planet. And if things continue as they are, by 2050 fashion will be responsible for one-quarter of the world's carbon-dioxide budget. The rules have to change. 'Sustainable' isn't good enough. Carbon-neutrality doesn't cut it. We need to start fixing things.

We are 10x carbon-negative. How? We invest money from every sale into environmental projects to mitigate ten times over the carbon impact of each sweater. Projects vetted by a team of climate-change experts. Greenwashing? Show us a better way, and we'll go with you. All of this won't fix climate change. But it will help.

21 Billion tons Of textile sent to landfills each year — responsible For 20% of the global water waste — 100 billion clothes produced for 7 billion people — more than 90% of brands don’t know where their raw materials come from — by 2050 responsible for 26% of the world’s carbon budget — on track to increase the world’s temperature by 2.7 degrees by 2040 —

Be more sheep.

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