Launching October 2019

Join the flock.

How Sheep Inc. works:


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For every email signup, we’ll permanently protect 4 square meters of forest under threat.

Sweater? Sheep? Sorry?

We make the best sweater you have ever worn in your life, out of Merino wool so soft that strangers will politely ask permission to pet you.


To get into one, you first have to adopt its former owner. Four legs. Surprised visage. Cloud-fluffy fleece. Baaaa. A real-life New Zealand-based Merino sheep.

I guess I’ve always wanted a sheep. But why are you doing this?

Because we’ve lost touch. With where our clothes begin. With what impact our clothes have on the world around us.

More than 90% of fashion brands have zero idea of where their raw materials come from. So you don’t know either.

We want to remind you.
Remind you that every item in your wardrobe has lived a life before you bought it. That every item of clothing starts out somewhere. In our sweater’s case, everything starts with a sheep.

And the saving-some-world bit?

This is not only about the journey from sheep to sweater. Not just about a new and one-sided relationship with a woolly mammal. We are also out to do some world saving.

The fashion industry is one of the most-polluting out there. A wolf that’s eating up the planet. And if things continue as they are, by 2050 fashion will be responsible for one quarter of the world’s carbon dioxide budget.

The rules have to change. ‘Sustainable’ doesn’t cut it. Let’s start fixing things. We invest all sheep-adoption income into biodiversity projects that mitigate ten times over the carbon dioxide impact of your sweater (and of your sheep). We are the first carbon-negative fashion brand on earth.

Get involved. Be a trailblazer.

I’m pretty patient. And October’s not so far off. Why sign up now?

It’s not just about bagging your place on the adoption waiting list with the laxest background check ever.

For every email signup we’ll protect, permanently, 4 square meters of the world’s forest. Enough to stop around 170kg of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

That is sixty years of charging your phone.

But… I’m not really a sheep-person.

We get it.

Not everyone is wild about domestic animals. No matter. We have said this before. But let’s reiterate. The sweater is soft. It is special. It will swiftly become your new favourite. So sign up. You’ll be first in line for one.